YTC 2019

A Performance By Georgina Kayo at the 2019 YTC.



A video with the winners of the 2019 YTC.


The Youth came across a Skull of a water buffalo so we decided to film it.

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A youth team Showing their talent in time for the 2019 YTC.


This is a great talent. One of the groups who participated in the 2019 YTC they are good.

YTC 2019 Start Of Day 4


One of the clips from the 2019 YTC Presented by Mama Bishop Immaculate on day 4 of the YTC.


Disclaimer This was filmed with a great camera but I hadn't slept in almost two days. So certain parts may be a bit blurry. LOL (Missed three days of the event and three flights. But that didn't stop me!)